Odds and Ends

Yesterday we took a trip up to the REI in West Hartford.  We are getting ready for a trip to Peru and I needed to get a new travel backpack.  About 20 years ago, I was planning a trip across Europe – the Eurorail, backpack, youth hostel kind of trip.  My sister bought me a backpack for Christmas 1992 from REI – one that had nice padded straps, a waist belt, and could zip up the straps so that it looked more like luggage.  I loved it. It served me wonderfully over those six weeks in Europe and has also been my go-to bag for any trip where I expect to be schlepping my luggage a bit (bike trips, other trips to Europe if we’re taking the train a bit).  Sadly – it’s seen better days and the handle has ripped out of the fabric.  We’ve duct-taped it and tried to salvage it, but it’s time to say goodbye.

So – we went up to REI to find a replacement.  We found an Osprey bag that seems like it will fit the bill.  But of course, it’s a different size and shape – so I’m nervous about whether it will hold enough and how to pack it (I’ve perfected the use of my old bag).  But I think it will probably work and it’s time to move on.  So this post is a sad farewell to my trusty backpack.  I’m hoping the new backpack will work well and see many adventurous and fun escapades itself.

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