AbD Box ‘o Goodies

Derek and I are heading off to Peru with Adventures by Disney soon.  We booked this trip last fall and were super-excited about it then.  To be honest, it’s been such a long time since then and we really hadn’t had any additional information about the trip – that the whole thing has felt like something very much in the background.  But recently, we received our “travel box” from Adventures by Disney.

This is the first thing (other than the bill) that we’ve received from AbD, so we were pretty excited.  Once you open it up – at the top is a book.  Beautiful color photos and graphics – definitely whet the appetite for the trip.  Inside are our confirmation details and the detailed itinerary (with the specific listing of hotels).  Not much of the information is different than what is available on the website, but it’s fun to read through it anyway.  Inside a pocket on the back cover of the book are some luggage tags and there are a few additional pieces of paper – a checklist and a countdown calendar.

Then, when you lift up the top level – underneath are AbD backpacks!  There was one for each of us and they seem like pretty good backpacks – nice pockets and water bottle holders.  A little on the small side, but probably appropriately sized as a daypack for travel.  They even come with a rain cover tucked into the bottom of them – wonder what that means…?

It was a wonderful and fun surprise to receive in the mail!

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