Wheat Belly – part II

So – how has it been going?

From the first day, I noticed that my crazy hunger pangs went away.  The first day!  Unbelievable to me.  All I did was not eat my cereal – and voila!  Wasn’t starved by 10am, wasn’t starved again at 11:30, and wasn’t starved in the afternoon.  Could changing my breakfast really make that much of a difference?  I did some googling, and some say that it could – that the glucose spike in the morning could set up kind of an oscillation that lasted for awhile.  This was definitely promising and hopeful.

As far as weight loss – I had gotten to my goal weight last year, but over the last 9 months had put on somewhere between 2-3 lbs.  Not a big deal, but the trajectory wasn’t promising.  And this spring, I had been continually trying to lose that 2-3 lbs with no success.  The first few days of my wheat-free diet, not much really happened – the first day I had a weight that was pretty good, but didn’t see much change for a few days.  But now – about a week and a half into my experiment – I saw a weight that was better than anything I’ve seen all year!

Flat belly?  Well – that’s harder to judge.  It seems like things are improving there – but definitely there is still room to go.  I don’t have a six-pack yet, by any means!  LOL.  So – promising, but uncertain yet.

Best yet – it really hasn’t been that hard.  On two dimensions.  One – “controlling” what I’m eating.  I’m not counting calories right now or tracking food – I stopped doing that when I started this diet, I figured I’d give myself a break.  And I’m not preventing myself from eating when I’m hungry.  I don’t feel nearly as hungry as I used to.  So it’s not that hard to not eat breads, etc.  And, while this is not strictly a no sugar diet – you really don’t eat much sugar, because it turns out – wheat is a big vehicle for a lot of the sugar in our lives (at least for me, because I wasn’t drinking sugared drinks anyway).

The second dimension – avoiding wheat hasn’t been nearly that hard.  I’ve made lots of eggs for breakfasts and a muffin recipe from Wheat Belly.  I’ve been to a cocktail party and ate well (red wine, cocktail shrimp, beef, cheese, fruit) and we went out to eat last night (salmon, spinach, and a mix of green beans, broccoli, and carrots) at a restaurant.  And my dinner mates had dinner rolls and dessert – and it really wasn’t a problem to say no.  While it takes a little thought – it really hasn’t been that hard so far.  I feel like I’ve eaten pretty well – so I haven’t felt strongly deprived.

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