Wheat Belly – part III

Ok – so what am I eating?

I guess if you were just really doing “Wheat”-free – you would only be avoiding wheat.  But the book Wheat Belly actually recommends a diet that I think looks more like a low-GI (glycemic index) diet with an avoidance of dairy.  So – limited dairy, except real cheeses – you can eat cheese because the aging or fermentation gets rid of what’s bad in dairy, I believe.  Limiting any sugar-y thing – sugar, agave syrup, honey, maple syrup.  Allowing things like brown rice and sweet potato fries – but not letting yourself go crazy there.  And I have heard bits and pieces about avoiding dairy, paleo, etc.

So I think I’m more or less staying to what Wheat Belly suggests.  I haven’t decided how important I think the no dairy rule is – so I may experiment with breaking that.  And I haven’t decided how much I’ll avoid sweeteners, especially honey and maple syrup.  I eat fruit, and don’t really limit that.  I eat brown rice – but I’ve cut back on the quantity quite a bit.  I still use gels and recovery drinks for running my long runs.

Breakfasts have been eggs with cheese and some fruit on the side or a banana-blueberry muffin (recipe in Wheat Belly) and some fruit.  Weekday lunches have been some kind of protein (shrimp, hard-boiled eggs, turkey) and a salad.  Dinners have been various recipes – some things we’ve always made, a pecan-crusted chicken from Wheat Belly (delicious and easy), and a curry chicken from the PaleOMG blog (also delicious and super easy).  I bought some dark chocolate (85% cacao) for a little treat – it sort of works, but I’ll say I haven’t grown to love the taste yet.

I’m going to keep going on my experiment.  I know that I’ll allow myself to break some of the rules, some of the time – like for sure I’ll eat ice cream sometime.  I just don’t know when and haven’t yet felt a reason strong enough to do so.  I guess I’ll do a full assessment after a month.  I think I am already convinced that this is the way to go.  I think what I haven’t figured out yet is how strict to be on certain things.  I guess I need to do some experimentation off of the core – test out how different foods affect me to see if I can include them in my diet.

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