Adventures by Disney Peru – Day 8


Sadly – this day was the last official day of our AbD trip.  We had an easy morning with a relatively late gathering in the hotel lobby.  The chippies were out, admiring the guinea pig that Roman got at the white elephant game the night before:

Bus ride to Cusco airport for our flight to Lima.  Sadly – the flight ended up being delayed, so we spent a lot of time hanging out at the Cusco airport.  Once in Lima – we caught a bus to an old Spanish house – Casa Aliaga.  We walked through a few arcades to get to the house.

The house itself was beautiful – lots of ornate woodwork, old paintings and furniture.  We were treated to drinks – final pisco sours!

And a bit of a dance show

Our farewell luncheon was held at Casa Aliaga.  Nothing particularly special – just the last chance for the whole group to be together.  They did include wine in the meal – which was a nice aspect of this trip – there were several meals where drinks were included (generally wine or pisco sours).  So it wasn’t like everything had to be extra – in fact, there were very few extra items, except, of course, for your own souvenir shopping.

Then a quick look around the government center – this is the President’s house

Then back to Casa Andina – ending right where we started.  They had a room for everyone, even though some people had flights out later that night.  Our flight wasn’t until the next day – so we had the evening to enjoy.  Originally our plan was to go out on the town for dinner – but with all the delays, we were beat.  And with the very late lunch (like 3pm) – we weren’t feeling that hungry.  So – a bunch of us decided to just hang out at the hotel bar.

It ended up being the perfect decision.  Good drinks, comfortable chairs, great company.  Plus – we got to say goodbye to all the folks who were leaving that night – as they gathered in the hotel lobby to get their shuttles to the airport.  Ernesto and Tina even hung out with us after all the goodbyes were said.

It was an amazing trip to an amazing location.  Definitely one that I will remember forever.  They said at the beginning of the trip that the groups on AbD trips become like families – and I definitely feel like I’ve made connections and friendships that I’ll treasure well beyond the trip.

AbD is not cheap (just like all of Disney) – but I do think that the quality was worth it.  The accommodations and food were exceptional.  Our guides were outstanding.  We never had to pay for any entry fee, transport fee (rail, plane, bus), tip (beyond tips to our two main guides), or even bathroom fee.  And there were a lot of nice extra touches – the backpack ahead of time, the pins each day, a water bottle, a yet-to-be-received duffle bag, the money for the white elephant gift, the quipu and Incan cross that they handed to each of us after they explained those items, a picture CD after the trip, and the drinks included at meals.  There were some nice touches for kids as well – but I didn’t keep track of those.

We absolutely would do it again – both AbD and Peru.  5 stars, two thumbs up, big smiles!

3 thoughts on “Adventures by Disney Peru – Day 8

  1. You ROCKED these posts! You summed it up perfectly and helped me to relive a wonderful vacation. It was so nice to meet you and I look forward to future trips together.

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