Ahhh…a few quiet weekends in a row.  Last weekend was some serious Olympic junkie time.  It’s kind of an ironic juxtaposition – we watch these amazing athletes and, to some extent, get inspired – but we spend most of the day sitting on our butts, virtually immobile on the couch, while watching them…LOL.

Derek is on a bit of a mission to purge unnecessary items from our house.  It started a few months ago, but seems to be hitting full swing now.  I’m not sure if it’s a mid-life crisis or a reverse-nesting scenario (maybe he’s getting ready to retire? move? who knows…).  So far it’s okay with me – I’ve encouraged him to focus on the really extraneous items first, rather than the ones that will be hard decisions.  So we’ve sold our NordicTrack elliptical that was just gathering dust in the mudroom, sold old iPhone3gs, and he’s now packing up a whole bunch of old electronics stuff for recycling (old cassette and VHS tapes, a broken stereo receiver, etc).  Since this is more useful than the drinking of the last ounces of vodka (to get rid of the vodka bottle) was, and I can see our cat walking around (so I know he hasn’t gotten rid of him yet), it’s all good with me.

On the flip side – I keep accumulating more running gear.  Last week I got three pairs of compression shorts!  I found a great sale on a pair of CEP compression shorts and then my Team Peacock friend Beth alerted me to a great deal on Aspaeris shorts.  Kind of a funny, small-world story.  She had gone to her local running store (in the Baltimore area) and asked about compression shorts there.  Someone there recommended Aspaeris and mentioned that they were having a great 2-for-1 sale that week – order a pair of red shorts and get a pair of black ones for free.  For $45, two pairs of compression shorts seemed hard to beat.  So I put in an order last Friday night.  The next day at the Killingworth 4 miler – we were looking at the results that got posted shortly after we finished and when I found my name, a woman asked me if I had just ordered some Aspaeris shorts!  It turns out she had just packed them up and was getting ready to ship them.  Unbeknownst to me, Aspaeris is based here in New Haven.  I guess it was her friend who recommended the shorts to Beth.  It really is a small-world

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