Pacifico New Haven

Our wedding anniversary was this past week and we, very unromantically, had no plans.  I’ll admit it – I’m like a guy when it comes to traditional romantic gestures – I forget about our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.  To make up for it and to have something to look forward to during the week, on Tuesday we decided to book a nice dinner reservation.  I had been wanting to try Pacifico out again, so we reserved there. Continue reading

Wildwood – One Wild Weekend! Part 2

The alarm went off early the next morning and, looking out our window, the sky looked surprisingly clear.  So I assumed we would be running.  Derek and I started getting ready but when I got downstairs, several folks were sitting on the deck and they said it still looked 50/50 at best that the race would go off.  I walked outside and realized why they said that – the half of the sky right over the ocean and beach was clear, but the other half was very dark and threatening.  Which side would win? Continue reading

Wildwood – One Wild Weekend! Part 1

Ok – I’ve been delinquent on my blogs.  To be honest, I’ve been a bit blue and haven’t felt up to it.  But – I’m back – and will try to get back on track.

Last weekend, Derek and I headed to Wildwood, NJ for a race weekend with friends.  How did this come to be?  Back in May when we were at WDW for Expedition Everest – we had so much fun with my running friends that I quickly looked for other times to get together with them.  Beth was already coming to Noel’s house in Wildwood to do the Wild Half, so we figured we’d come too! Continue reading