Wildwood – One Wild Weekend! Part 1

Ok – I’ve been delinquent on my blogs.  To be honest, I’ve been a bit blue and haven’t felt up to it.  But – I’m back – and will try to get back on track.

Last weekend, Derek and I headed to Wildwood, NJ for a race weekend with friends.  How did this come to be?  Back in May when we were at WDW for Expedition Everest – we had so much fun with my running friends that I quickly looked for other times to get together with them.  Beth was already coming to Noel’s house in Wildwood to do the Wild Half, so we figured we’d come too!

We drove down on Friday night – a very long drive with traffic, even though we left pretty early.  While we were driving down, one of our Peacock running teammates decided to escape Hurricane Isaac (or at least put him off) by flying up to join us for the weekend.  Totally spur of the moment!  You only live once, indeed!  So in a crazy, spontaneous, awesome move, Robyn and Scott booked their tickets and were in.  They had a crazy early flight the next morning from Pensacola and were scheduled to arrive in Philly by 11am on Saturday.

Derek and I arrived at Chez Nono on Friday night and Beth and Noel were not far behind.  Of course the chippies made it and they spent the weekend on the treadmill:

The next morning, we just chilled at the house (eating bacon of course) and eventually headed to race registration.  Nono of course had to taunt all of us with her racing successes and modeled her Boston marathon shirt:

Registration was quick and easy and they had a mini-expo – best of all, I bought a pair of running sunglasses that seemed to fit well.

Robyn, Scott, and Gail arrived at lunch, got signed up, and walked with us back to the house.  Everyone pretty much passed out watching Little League baseball on TV.  But Beth made us some post-race pie, because, well, everyone needs post-race pie!

Heaps o’ peaches

After completion:

Tasty looking right?  I know – totally blows the whole no-wheat thing out – but this weekend wasn’t for worrying about diet nitpicks.

We shared a great dinner and all called it a night relatively early.  But the weather was looking very ominous and the race was in question.  All night the weather stormed – crazy lightning and thunder, some hit the pool next door!  I really wanted to run, because this race was taking the place of a training run – but the weather didn’t look all that promising…

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