Pacifico New Haven

Our wedding anniversary was this past week and we, very unromantically, had no plans.  I’ll admit it – I’m like a guy when it comes to traditional romantic gestures – I forget about our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.  To make up for it and to have something to look forward to during the week, on Tuesday we decided to book a nice dinner reservation.  I had been wanting to try Pacifico out again, so we reserved there.

We had first been introduced to Pacifico through the New Haven Food and Wine Festival that was a part of the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament.  They had a booth there and I absolutely adored their offering.  I don’t even remember it fully anymore except that there was some guacamole involved and some seafood, I think.

So a couple of years back, we checked the restaurant out with our good friends Jim and Sarah.  We ended up going for Easter brunch and, I have to say, it really didn’t wow me.  The food tasted okay, but not impressive.  As a result, we hadn’t motivated ourselves to go back, especially when we had plans with others, as I didn’t want to take the risk that they might not enjoy it.

Our dinner this time rectified the situation.  First – we started with cocktails.  They have a lovely cocktail list with several options that tempted me.  In the end, I opted for the Brazilian Cosmo (blood orange vodka) and Derek had a Passionfruit and Jalapeno martini.  Just to be clear – mine’s the pink one

Next – while not a particularly breakthrough or exciting choice, we ordered the guacamole.  I just had a craving for some good guacamole and chips.  And it did not disappoint.  Best ever?  Probably not, but definitely tasty.

Main dishes.  The same dish caught both of our eyes – sea scallops and shrimp pan-seared over lobster ravioli in a honey-chardonnay sauce.  Yes please!  In general, we try to avoid ordering the same thing – but we’ll break that rule when necessary.  Derek decided to take the “hit” and he ordered the special of the day – swordfish over cilantro rice with lobster in it.

Both dishes received high marks from us!

We did end dinner with dessert – we chose the special:  a chocolate tres leches cake with black raspberry sorbet on top.  Sorry – no picture, I must have been too focused on inhaling that cake to take a photo!

All in all – a great dinner, service was good and the meal was reasonably paced.  We would definitely go back and it’s been raised several notches on our restaurant list.

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