Early October fun

It’s been a long time – but it’s time to get back on the horse again and write some blog entries.  Derek and I have been talking over the last couple of years about how we need to stop getting overcommitted – but we still haven’t figured out the trick to that.  So we are definitely overcommitted for the fall/winter this year.  October is the start of it.

First up – early in October, our curling club hosted a bonspiel – the Blazing Leaves!  For those of you who are not curlers, a bonspiel is a curling tournament – generally social, fun, and with lots of food.  Since our club was hosting, it also means some volunteering – for us, this translated into making some food for the event (I made cookies and Derek made chili) and Derek also helped with ice prep during the weekend.

Derek had formally entered a team – his club men’s playdown team (it’s a team that is preparing for the regional club championships).  I got pulled into duty at the last second – a team needed a spare on Thursday (with their first game on Friday).  Ironically, the team that I joined played Derek’s team in the very first game.  It was a fun game – but his team was the stronger team.  Derek’s team went on to victory – winning the whole spiel.  My team held it’s own as well – getting to the 2nd event final.

The next weekend – we headed west.  A good friend of ours was getting married in Arizona – Hereford, Arizona to be exact.  Luckily, we also had other friends going – Michael and Paul – so we hung out with them all weekend.  We flew into Tucson and drove down to Bisbee.  Along the way – we found some wineries!  The first stop was Lightning Ridge – check out the cool pouring devices she had:

We made two stops and bought several bottles of wine for the weekend.

The next day was the day of the wedding, but we had plenty of time to wander about.  So we wandered our way into Tombstone, Arizona.  I have to admit – I don’t know much about the history of this town, and, well – its current state didn’t make me all that much more interested.  It felt a bit hokey – a bit like a rundown amusement park or boardwalk area.  

That night was the wedding – it was a beautiful outdoor wedding focused on friends and family.  They kept things low-key which suited them and we had a lovely time – and enjoyed one of the wedding cupcakes!

Well – time flies when you’re overcommitted – so we flew back home on Sunday.  A sprint of a trip!

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