Niagara International Half Marathon

Our goal half marathon this year was the Niagara International Half Marathon.  It’s a relatively small race (2500 in the half marathon) and a beautiful course – run on the Niagara Parkway, which tracks the river all the way to the Niagara Falls.  There’s a marathon associated with it as well – and that marathon crosses the US/Canada border!  It starts in Buffalo, makes its way across the Peace Bridge, and onto the Niagara Parkway.  After the Wine & Dine Half Marathon date was changed at Disney to a date that we couldn’t make, we decided to try out this race.

We arrived Friday and stayed with Derek’s parents for the weekend.  While the expo didn’t hold that much interest for us, the goody bag was a hit!  Lots of pretty nice items – notably a nice bag of Werther’s and also a bottle of Cold FX which is a great herbal cold remedy not sold in the States.

They used bib chip timing – but these were the biggest chips I had ever seen on a bib!

And – my official number:

Race day dawned and the weather had some goods and bads.  The temps were just about perfect – 57 degrees.  It was a bright sunshine-y day.  The “bad” was that it was a pretty windy day – winds ~15 mph and unfortunately into our faces for a good portion of the way, and not really ever behind us (as it’s a point-to-point race and not a loop).

We started out together and I lost complete track of my race plan.  I went out too fast and paid for it late in the race.  I missed a PR by 30 sec – which really frustrated me, as I believe if I had run a smart race, I could have gotten a PR.  Derek had an amazing race.  He started with me, which for him, isn’t too fast.  Then he just kept getting stronger.  He had been training for a target time faster than this – but then got injured for a pretty long period of time and hadn’t been running that much.  So he really surprised himself with this run and finished in 1:39!  Awesome.

What did we do after the race?  We worked on our costumes for Mickey’s Not-so-scary Halloween Party!  My friend Beth recommended that we go as Chip & Dale.  So we put together some chipmunk outfits that day (with the plan to buy Chip & Dale hats once we arrived in WDW).

Chip & Dale inspecting the raw materials for the costume:

Derek hard at work on his:

The finished product:

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