Epcot Food & Wine Take 4

Day 4 dawned and after a morning run, we headed over to Hollywood Studios.  We got there too late to do Toy Story – although we did pick up fastpasses that we never ended up using.  So – we rode Rock ‘N Roller Coaster and then did Star Tours where Derek was the rebel spy!  I always knew he seemed a little sneaky…

Following Star Tours, we got dumped out into the usual souvenir store and we, being the children that we are, of course got in line to Make our Own Droids!  They have a variety of piece parts to make your own astro-mech droid and personalize it.  We had heard about this earlier and put it on our wish list.  We didn’t have to push too many kids in line and the wait wasn’t too bad either :).

These are the droids we’re looking for!  

At some point we headed over to Epcot to sample a few more food booths (no pics, we forgot to take photos this day).  And at 1pm – we went to the Festival Center for a culinary demonstration.  We had never done a culinary demonstration at the Food & Wine festival before, so we didn’t know what to expect.  This session was with Robert Irvine – who is apparently a celebrity chef from the Food Network show Restaurant Impossible.

I have to say – the culinary demonstration was a great deal.  Before Robert Irvine even came out – they had a winery representative (this day it was Hanna Winery) and they served us a glass to be paired with the dish that Robert would make.  It was a very nice unoaked Chardonnay.

Robert Irvine came out and showed us how to prepare a seared scallop over polenta.  He was very entertaining and personable.  He also did a great job of walking us through every step and providing great pointers.  And his wife is a petite Asian who is a pro-wrestler – she was awesome.  I don’t have any great pictures of Robert (all blurry unfortunately) – but here is the scallop dish he prepared.  It was unbelievably delicious.

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it…

We continued to wander around Epcot in the afternoon and, amongst other things, we checked out the train display at Germany.  The little train village was having their own mini Food & Wine festival – if you look closely, you’ll see that one of the men is lying on his side – we figure that he fell over drunk.

It started raining and we had not brought our raingear – so we huddled under the Japan pavilion for awhile, then made a dash to the UK pub.  It was super crowded in there and we weren’t that jazzed about staying at Epcot – so when the rain broke, we headed back to the lodge.  We ended up relaxing at the Victoria Falls Lounge and nibbling on bites there for dinner.

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