Catching up

Ok – If you’ve been following along at all (and why you would given that I’m a horrifically inconsistent blogger), you’ve probably noted the very long hiatus I took.  In fact – the hiatus came in the middle of my trip report.  It was long enough -that frankly, I don’t even remember what I wanted to say about those last few days.  So – they will have to go by the wayside. Continue reading

Epcot Food & Wine Take 6

The big run day!

So – awhile back I made the decision to run a marathon – run the WDW marathon in fact.  Which happens to be in January.  But to train for said marathon, I needed to roll right from training for the my half marathon in Niagara into training for the marathon.  What that meant was that I’d have to be doing some serious long run during my WDW food and wine trip.  I spent some time thinking about this and planning where to run because I knew how tempting it would be to blow it off, but I really want to do well in this marathon and want to give it my all. Continue reading

Epcot Food & Wine Take 5

Today was Animal Kingdom day.  We headed to the park for opening and rode Kilimanjaro Safari twice in a row.  When the line isn’t long – it’s quite fun to do it twice in a row, as even in that little bit of time – lots of things change.  The first ride was amazing – there were so many animals out and about and many of them quite close up. Continue reading