Epcot Food & Wine Take 5

Today was Animal Kingdom day.  We headed to the park for opening and rode Kilimanjaro Safari twice in a row.  When the line isn’t long – it’s quite fun to do it twice in a row, as even in that little bit of time – lots of things change.  The first ride was amazing – there were so many animals out and about and many of them quite close up.

We saw three cheetah – which was pretty incredible.  The rest of the day included several rides on Expedition Everest (maybe four total?) and taking our time on the walking paths – we had a great time in each of the bird viewing areas this time.

Eventually we headed back to the resort.  We did a tour of Kidani – something about the African design.  The cultural representative was very sweet, but she only had a few really interesting tidbits – otherwise the tour was a bit slow and not all that informative (beyond what you could already read on placards) – but hey, it was free.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Sanaa.  One of our favorite restaurants.  Because we had early reservations, we were able to get a prime window spot.  And this African crane spent the better part of dinner hanging out with us – apparently his name is Jamal:

I ordered my favorite – curries – shrimp and chicken.  Still delicious.  Of course, we stuffed ourselves with the bread service first – yes it’s totally not gluten free, but, hey, you have to have exceptions in life!

We finished up with a banana split kulfi which was quite tasty

Banana ice cream with strawberry and chocolate sauce.

After dinner, we had an after dinner drink at the lounge area and then hung around waiting for the cultural talk at 8:30pm.  We arrived a wee bit early and the cast members asked us if we wanted to play with the African drums – apparently we had arrived during Drum Song.  At first we said no, but after we sat there for a few minutes chatting – they convinced us to give it a try.  I had a total blast – made me want to buy my own drum.  And it took me back to childhood when I wanted to play drums but my mother wouldn’t let me – so I got stuck playing violin instead.  No – they are not at all similar…

The cultural talk was by a woman from South Africa and she talked to us about their culture and life – Braai, wines, the sights.  Piqued my interest in the country and raised it on my list of places to go.

It was a really great impromptu evening and a perfect Disney night in my book.

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