Epcot Food & Wine Take 6

The big run day!

So – awhile back I made the decision to run a marathon – run the WDW marathon in fact.  Which happens to be in January.  But to train for said marathon, I needed to roll right from training for the my half marathon in Niagara into training for the marathon.  What that meant was that I’d have to be doing some serious long run during my WDW food and wine trip.  I spent some time thinking about this and planning where to run because I knew how tempting it would be to blow it off, but I really want to do well in this marathon and want to give it my all.

That’s all background for why on this Saturday, Derek and I set off to Hollywood Studios on the first bus of the morning (luckily DHS had extra magic hours) to run around the Boardwalk and the Epcot resorts.  There is an “inner” loop – where you run the boardwalk and other pathways – and an “outer” loop which is on the sidewalk of the ring road that goes around the Epcot resorts.  I figured that just under 4 trips of both loops would get me to my goal of 15 miles.  Derek ran about 10-11.

It was very windy – thanks Hurricane Sandy! – and overcast.  But the run overall went well.  And I ended up at the Boardwalk Bakery where I caught up with Derek who was having his coffee.  Bought a chocolate milk there as a recovery drink and then we set off back to our resort.  Mission accomplished!

Afterwards we just putzed around Epcot, back to Victoria Falls, and then to the Party for the Senses!  We have heard so much about this event – they hold them every Saturday during the Food & Wine festival.  25-30 stations of food and wine (different each Saturday), Cirque du Soleil acrobatic acts on stage – what’s not to love?  We booked a reserved table and got so lucky – our table was right in front of center stage – wow!

There were some tasty bites – I think we tried just about everything.  And we really enjoyed the Cirque acts.  But this night went way too fast.  Before we knew it, it was time to go.  We had a great time – but I think for the price – we would choose to go to a Signature Dinner instead – where we can savor the meal and the company rather than feeling like it’s all a huge whirlwind.

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