Catching up

Ok – If you’ve been following along at all (and why you would given that I’m a horrifically inconsistent blogger), you’ve probably noted the very long hiatus I took.  In fact – the hiatus came in the middle of my trip report.  It was long enough -that frankly, I don’t even remember what I wanted to say about those last few days.  So – they will have to go by the wayside.

The blog fell to the wayside because life got ridiculously busy.  I have a bad habit of overcommitting – but this fall/winter I really outdid myself.  I had committed to training for a marathon and training to try to run a time that would qualify me for the Boston marathon.  In addition, I joined a women’s curling team – which involved several weekend trips to the mid-west for competitive events or practice.  Plus attempts to practice at home during the week.  And Derek and I have a mixed competitive curling team – which doesn’t involve that much, but did require a weekend event, too.  And yes – I am still working.

I’d have days where I’d get up, have to run 20 miles, work, then drive to the airport to catch a flight to the midwest.  Once I ran 18 miles on the treadmill – because when I went to run on the trail – I slipped and fell flat on my back after just a few steps.  I couldn’t put the run off to later in the day or later in the week, as I was flying out – so I hurried home, got changed, and headed to the gym.  I watched a lot of the Today Show that morning…

By the time the Christmas holidays rolled around, I was fit to be tied.  I was so mentally, emotionally, and physically drained from trying to manage all this – that I had lost much, if not all, of my enthusiasm for any of it.  But I needed to finish the journey.  And I really didn’t want all that effort to end up for naught.

The big week dawned – first up, the marathon.  I will write a few more posts about that weekend, which was a blast and a ton of fun – but the quick synopsis was that I finished the marathon in 3:49 and change.  A respectable time, but not fast enough to qualify me for Boston.  I was disappointed, and, more importantly, it turns out that I was injured.  I had rolled my left ankle at mile 5 – it didn’t hurt then so I kept running on it.  But after I sat down for like 15 minutes at the end of the marathon and then stood up – it was painful!  I could barely walk.  And I also now know that I seemed to have gotten a case of hip bursitis in my right hip from the last few miles of the marathon.

I arrived home on Tuesday, had a client meeting on Wednesday morning, and flew out to Seattle for curling playdowns Wednesday evening.  Luckily my foot healed well enough to play.  We gave it our all and played very well – but came up one shot short of qualifying for nationals.

So – that’s the quick catch up.  Things have calmed down a bit, so I hope to write a few entries about the weekend in WDW for the marathon and also things since then.

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