A dream come true

Mostly in this blog, I’ve written about running, travel, and Disney.  Those who know me well, also know that I have spent a lot of time in the last several years curling.  Yup curling – that winter sport on ice where people slide rocks and “brush” the ice.  I haven’t written about it much because – well, most of my posts in this blog were during the summer and early fall – outside of curling season.  And this year, Derek and I hadn’t really intended to curl that much.  Late in the summer, we ended up getting on competitive teams and forming a mixed competitive team – sort of on a whim.

Well – last week, we had a dream come true – our mixed competitive team won the US Mixed National Curling Championship!  Unbelievable.  The week-long competition was held in Willmar, Minnesota (it rotates locations each year).  Ten teams represented their regions.  Our team played down out of the GNCC region (Grand National Curling Club which represents essentially the East Coast).

I could spend a lot of time explaining the whole championship – but the big story is – we won!!!!  A dream come true!  Derek and I have had the good fortune to have qualified for the Mixed Nationals seven times (this year being our seventh).  We’ve come close in the past – getting to the semi-finals, even finishing first in the round robin one year.  But we’ve always lost that semi-final game – so our best finishes have been third place.

In the early years – I had set “winning a national championship” as a goal.  But over time, I erased that goal.  It seemed too hard to achieve – too much was out of my control, lots of luck (along with skill) involved, in some ways, too emotionally exhausting.  And now – wow – now, it’s done.  Incredible.  Unbelievable.  I was choking back tears after we won the final. So many years of hope, heartache, excitement, frustration – all wrapped up in that moment.

And the best thing of it?  Two things:

1)  Derek played an amazing game – he played confidently, he made all but one of his shots – and one or two of those would have been scored 5 out of a 4 point scoring system!  I couldn’t be prouder of him.

2)  We did it together.  I don’t know if I dreamed about being married when I was a young girl – but certainly, I had always wanted my marriage to be one where we were able to achieve things together that we otherwise couldn’t do on our own.  Where being together really enhanced who we were.  And winning a national championship together is just the latest, best, most public demonstration of that in our marriage.  I am truly so lucky to be living my life with Derek.

A pic of our championship team (team l-r is Derek, me, Nate Clark, and Rebecca Andrew):

Championship team

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