A crazy year so far

2013 has really been full of unhappy tidings.  First – a friend unexpectedly passed away while on a chairlift in Vermont.  Then two close friends have had their husbands ask for separations.  Of course this week brought the Boston marathon bombing and the crazy manhunt which involved the death of an MIT campus police.  These two events – while affecting everyone in the nation – feel close to me because of the 10 years I spent at MIT, living in and around Boston, and the fact that I tried earlier this year (and am still trying) to qualify for the Boston marathon. Continue reading

Mixed Nationals semi-finals

Ok – I’m moving backwards in time, but there’s lots of reasons I want to write a little about the semi-final game at Mixed Nationals.  First – it was an incredibly emotional win as it was such a close game and we had very nearly let it slip out of our grasps.  Second – Elle LeBeau (plays out of Seattle, but on the Arizona team at Mixed Nationals) had captured video of the final two shots – which was pretty awesome.  Third – lots of people have asked us how we stole two in the final end to win the game. Continue reading