EEC and Dream Cruise – the RACE!

EEC is a night race – the race itself starts at 10pm.  And it’s a race you can do as a 2-person team.  Both Beth & Noel and Derek & I were entered as co-ed teams.  You have to stay together the whole time – so really, you end up running as fast as the slower person can run.  For Derek & me – that’s me.  So this race is pretty much I run as hard as I can, trying not to cough up a lung, while Derek jogs along with me.  This is my defense as to why I didn’t wear a costume (or not a real one anyway).  Yes costumes – they tend to be big at Disney races and this one in particular. Continue reading

EEC and Dream Cruise – Part 3

The Saturday of the race was conveniently May 4.  Why is this interesting?  Because we are all big Star Wars fans and it’s May the Fourth be with you!  They were having some special events at Hollywood Studios in honor of this day.  Mostly character greetings, special merchandise, Jedi training, etc.  Of course – our problem is that, well, we don’t like waiting in lines… So – we did had over to Hollywood Studios, but didn’t get to take part in that much.  We did see a lot of characters and took some pictures in-between people posing with them Continue reading