EEC and Dream Cruise – Part 1

Traveling once again!  Yes – back to Walt Disney World (honestly, we do travel other places!).  This time – we were heading back to hang out with some friends, take on the Expedition Everest Challenge 2013, and experience the Disney Dream (cruise ship) for the first time.

We arrived at the airport in Hartford on the early side so we could have a bite to eat before boarding our plane

IMG_0759  This is Derek still looking happy.

I say still – because shortly after this photo was taken, we found out our flight had been delayed – four hours!  It turned out that a different flight had mechanical difficulties – and they gave them our plane!  So we had to wait for the first flight in that was intended to overnight at Hartford so that we could take that plane.  Ugh – that was a long wait at the Hartford airport – I almost lost my mind.  We finally took off about five hours late, arriving at our hotel at 3am.  Not the most magical start to our vacation.

But the next day was great.  We were staying with Beth and Noel (and doing the race with them).  I needed to get a long run in that week and Friday was my best bet.  So – with little sleep, we got up and Derek, Beth, and I headed over to the Boardwalk for a nice run.  It was hot and humid – wow – a big change from the Connecticut weather we had been running in.  But it was a great day and so nice to be running in our favorite place.  Afterward we had a cooldown at the Boardwalk Bakery – yum!

All four of us headed to packet pickup in the afternoon –

EEC 2013 packet pickup

There was a lot more stuff at packet pickup this year (as compared to last) – so we ended up spending a bit of time there.

Dinner time brought a reservation at one of my favorite restaurants – Sanaa!  They updated their menu – so it was fun to try new things.  I still had the pick two slow-cooked in gravy – this time I tried Butter Chicken and the Bison Masala – both delicious.


Derek had the Tandoori Lamb.  Also a winner.


For dessert – the four of us shared this delectable chocolate tower:IMG_0769 IMG_0770

We ended the night by heading to Epcot for Illuminations…in the rain.  Yup – Beth is such a nut for fireworks, she dragged us there to stand in the rain.  Man are we good friends 🙂

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