EEC and Dream Cruise – Part 3

The Saturday of the race was conveniently May 4.  Why is this interesting?  Because we are all big Star Wars fans and it’s May the Fourth be with you!  They were having some special events at Hollywood Studios in honor of this day.  Mostly character greetings, special merchandise, Jedi training, etc.  Of course – our problem is that, well, we don’t like waiting in lines… So – we did had over to Hollywood Studios, but didn’t get to take part in that much.  We did see a lot of characters and took some pictures in-between people posing with them

IMG_0782 IMG_0793 IMG_0792 IMG_0789

I really enjoyed the Wookiee!

There were StormTroopers everywhere – but you couldn’t get autographs with them – they were “patrolling.”

We then trekked over to Epcot for our now traditional pre-EEC meal of pizza at Via Napoli!  Have to fuel properly, right?  We ordered our favorite (prosciutto e melon) and the pepperoni.  I have to admit, the prosciutto e melon was a little disappointing – only so-so.  The pepperoni was amazing.

IMG_0797 IMG_0796

We met up with some other Team Peacock friends (Craig and Elizabeth) before heading back to the resort to chill.

EEC Italy

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