EEC and Dream Cruise – the RACE!

EEC is a night race – the race itself starts at 10pm.  And it’s a race you can do as a 2-person team.  Both Beth & Noel and Derek & I were entered as co-ed teams.  You have to stay together the whole time – so really, you end up running as fast as the slower person can run.  For Derek & me – that’s me.  So this race is pretty much I run as hard as I can, trying not to cough up a lung, while Derek jogs along with me.  This is my defense as to why I didn’t wear a costume (or not a real one anyway).  Yes costumes – they tend to be big at Disney races and this one in particular.

Beth & Noel went as pirates, Derek went as Yoda.  I had bought a fun Mulan running shirt and  Yeti-colored running skirt – so well, I kind of had a costume on

IMG_0801 IMG_0800

The race itself is at the Animal Kingdom – you start in the parking lot.  This year the start was way better organized than last year.  They had actual corrals assigned roughly by time – which was a big help.  Derek & I started up in Corral A, right near the start line.  We had won this race last year (I know, hard to believe) – so we figured we’d give it our best shot again.

I ran the 5k as hard as I could – and we actually got to run through the obstacles (last year we had to walk through them).  The clues this time seemed harder – but Derek was still a star at them.  The finish line was so much further this time from the last clue – I was dying!  When we crossed the finish line – we heard the announcer say that we were one of the top 4 co-ed couples.  Oh well – out of the awards.  No big deal – onto the party!

We got drinks, rode Expedition Everest several times, even rode the Triceratops ride (had never done that before).  It was a fun time overall!

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