EEC and Dream Cruise – Cruise 1!

With only a little sleep – we got ready for our transfer to the Cruise Terminal!!!

Derek and I have taken a couple of cruises in the past (one on Princess and one on Celebrity) – but had never taken a Disney Cruise.  We had read a lot about the new boats (the Dream and Fantasy) and really wanted to check one out.  Fast forward to this cruise!

The bus ride to Cape Canaveral is like an hour and fifteen minutes.  Our first views:


The cruise terminal is Disney only and the whole check-in process was very smooth and quick.  We were heading onboard the ship no time!

The lobby atrium is beautiful – the chandelier really breath-taking

IMG_0821 IMG_0822

We lucked out and took advantage of a quick Princess photo op:


And we explored the ship.  I had really wanted to get a pedicure – to take care of my poor beaten-up feet.  So I scheduled it right away – and I missed the Sail-Away party.  But Derek went on deck for it and took pictures of my favorites dancing away:

IMG_0359 IMG_0341

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