EEC and Dream Cruise – Cruise fun!

Rather than a day-by-day breakdown, I thought I’d talk about our cruise by topic.  Today’s topic – cruise fun!  All the things we did for fun while on our Disney Dream Cruise.

We really enjoyed the shipboard activities:

Art of the Theme Show:  a tour of the ship focusing on the themed elements and attention to detail that Disney is known for


The beautiful chandelier at Palo – supposed to resemble pastaIMG_0847

The peacock stained glass doors for Remy


The chair detail in Remy and a menu from Pink (the champagne bar) – where they had tiny pink elephants popping up in the bubbles on the wall (randomly enough that you could make someone feel that they were really drunk trying to find them)IMG_0865

The floor in front of Animator’s Palate

The Making of the Disney Dream:  a presentation with some video elements about the making of the ship

A cooking class


First run movies – we were lucky enough to be on the ship right after Iron Man 3 opened.  They were showing Iron Man 3 in 2D and 3D!  So we caught an afternoon showing one day

Nighttime “Broadway”-style shows – I managed to see two of them – the Golden Mickeys and Believe.  They were both enjoyable, but I really loved Believe.  It started out a bit hokey – and I was worried that it would stay in that too cheesy realm.  And maybe it did 🙂 – but it was really fun and fantastic.

Of course – there was our favorite activity –  liquor tastings!

    • Whiskey tasting – Derek did this the first night and really enjoyed the experience.
    • Cognac tasting – Derek loves Cognac so I knew he had to do this one.  They tasted several cognacs increasing in quality and learned a lot about them.  While there – we got to witness someone ordering a shot of the Louis XIII Rare Cask.  Louis XIII is the top-of-the-line cognac for the Remy Martin Cognac line and typically sells for $100-200 a shot (say $2500 a bottle).  Apparently – they found a cask that had somehow aged differently than all the others and they bottled it separately under the Rare Cask label.  They bottled 786 crystal decanters from this cask.  Disney Cruise Line has two of them – one onboard the Dream and one on the Fantasy.  Shots of this cognac sell onboard for $1250 with a $250 gratuity – that’s $1500!  When they served it – there was a buzz of excitement in the air – all the servers were excited too.  They served it on a silver tray and the server put on white gloves to carry it.  An officer of the ship came by.  And they ended up getting pictures of the gentleman who ordered it.  In the meantime, Alex (Derek’s whiskey and cognac teacher and bartender at Meridien) let Derek and the other cognac “student” still there sniff the stopper of the bottle (and the stopper from the regular Louis XIII).  They both said that it smelled like perfume.
    • Chocolate and liquor tasting – my favorite!  We both did this one.  Our setting included white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate along with four glasses:  a champagne (Taittinger), a red wine, a port, and whiskey.  It was really amazing to see how the different chocolates paired with the different drinks changed the flavor of them.  It really opened my eyes to food and wine pairing.
    • IMG_0895

We also ran!  We ran onboard the ship a couple of times – on deck 4, there’s a track that circles the outside of the deck.  2.5 laps makes a mile!  That’s a lot of laps to get to 6 miles – but I did it!  We also ran the Castaway Cay 5k – a very hot and humid experience, but lots of fun.  I did another loop to get to my 6 miles for the day.

Along with the general lounging about – we had a blast with all of the activities that they offered.

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