EEC and Dream Cruise – Remy

Good friends of ours had really encouraged us to make reservations at Remy.  This is a higher-end restaurant onboard the Dream where you pay an extra fee (for Remy it’s $75pp) for a meal there.  Remy is inspired by the movie Ratatouille and serves fine French cuisine.  It’s an elegant space and an extended meal.

Waiting at the Meridien bar before our meal


They start you off with a special cocktail – champagne, bitters, yeah I don’t recall the rest of it.  But it was tasty


Remy offers two tasting menus – one created by Scott Hunnel (executive chef of Victoria & Albert’s) and the other created by Arnaud Lallement, a french chef from Champagne (his restaurant is  L’Assiette Champenoise).  I decided to have Lallement’s menu (Saveur) and Derek chose Hunnel’s (Gout).  They each have wine pairings – which added cost – but because of the excellent chocolate and liquor tasting we had been to earlier that day – I decided to do the wine pairing and see how the food paired with the wines.


One might think that five courses would be enough – but no – first you start out with an amuse bouche – this was salted caramel topped with a pate foam.  I don’t typically enjoy pate – but this combination was delicious and remarkable.


First course – I’ll always show my dish first (in this case, my dish came with two parts), then Derek’s


I’ll admit it – I didn’t love this course from my tasting.  It was only okay.  I think Derek enjoyed his duck quite a bit

Second Course:


My cod was amazing.  And the wine paired beautifully.

Third course – again mine came in two parts:


This course also didn’t wow me – somehow the lobster wasn’t amazing me.

Fourth course:


As good as my duck was – and trust me, it was delicious (I am not normally a huge duck fan, but this was pretty incredible) – Derek’s steak was out of this world.  That may be the best piece of beef I have ever had in my life.  I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it was that good.

Now – what’s a good French meal without a cheese course?  They rolled out the cheese cart and, since we didn’t have specific preferences, they selected an assortment for us to try.  They were all interesting, and we really enjoyed most of them.


Now – for my favorite part of the meal – dessert!


I’ll admit it, Derek’s dessert sounded a touch better to me – I love chocolate, and caramel isn’t the top of my dessert list.  But my dessert was sublime.  It had a complexity of flavors – so that every bite you could really savor for awhile.  Unbelievable.  I think Derek’s dessert was very good – but it just didn’t compare with mine.  It felt too “single-note” compared to the layers of flavors that my dessert had.

I was so grateful that I had decided to do the wine pairing.  I had never enjoyed wine as much as I did that night – each dish really complemented its wine so well, that I thoroughly enjoyed every sip.  I think it was a combination of high quality wines, well-paired with fine food.

You would think by now that the evening would be over, or at least that we would be so stuffed, we’d be rolling out the door.  But they bring one more “course.”  Petit fours and chocolates.  We ate more than we should have.  They even gave us a small box of chocolate truffles to bring home with us.


It was truly an amazing dining experience.  All told, we were there over 3 hours.  We would definitely do it again if we are on a cruise.


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