Buffalo or bust – part 1

On Memorial Day weekend – Derek and I headed up to Buffalo, NY for a Team Peacock gathering!  Team Peacock is this fantastic group of people I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of – we met through running Disney races and have become so much more than that.  This gathering didn’t have the full peacock complement – but it was a good portion.  We rented a house on Grand Island with a beautiful view of the Niagara River (you could even see the mist from the Falls in the distance).

Everyone arrived Friday and after Scott (our resident chef) made a wonderful risotto dinner, we sat on the porch to watch the sunset.  And sat, and sat, and sat – it took awhile for the sun to set.  Luckily, the wine kept us relatively warm!

Saturday – after a brief shake-out run, we headed to packet pickup.  There were six of us running.  Four were doing the marathon relay (3 people run a leg of 10k and the last person runs 12k home):


Our relay team:  Beth, Derek, Scott, and Carlos!

Rozzie and I were both running the half marathon and we had several “fans”.  The whole gang:


We then went to Pano’s in Buffalo to meet Derek’s parents for a nice long lunch.  After lunch – we headed to Niagara Falls as several people had never been.  We stayed on the American side as the border crossing was a nightmare that day.  The American falls:


But of course – we took the Maid of the Mist to get up close and personal with the falls.  After passing through the requisite smurf factory:


we were ready to ride.  When you head into the horseshoe of the Canadian falls – the “mist” is pretty intense.


The girls:


The evening ended in the “usual” way – grilling for dinner, a beautiful sunset, and some wine.

(photos courtesy of Beth)

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