Buffalo or bust – part 2

Race day dawned!  To be honest, this was originally a marathon goal race for Rozzie and me – but life intervened and, so, a half marathon it would be.  I think Rozzie was still looking at it as a goal race.  For me – I was/am in the middle of my training cycle for my goal marathon in September.  This race came really early in the cycle – so I was partially viewing it as a training run (but of course I would run hard, just no taper or real prep leading into it).

The gang before the race:


The course was designed so that you ran by the same point like 3 times – which was great for spectators.  Eileen manned the camera and did such a super job capturing all of us running!  Here are two of me at about the 10k point – man do I look happy – trust me, I doubt I was that happy!  And check out Derek’s running form (he was leg 3 of 4)

DSC_0189 DSC_0190 DSC_0215 DSC_0218

I finished in PR time (1:44:04) – so I was pleased with that – not bad for a race that I hadn’t tapered for!  Roz got 2nd in her age group and a PR to boot!  I did have to go on a frenzied solo driving trip through Buffalo to go pick Derek up at the 30k point, but otherwise, all was good.

After a quick lunch and showers – we headed to the wineries near Niagara-on-the-lake.  We eventually stopped at three different wineries: Pillitteri, Lailey, and Trius by Hillebrand and tried sparklings, still wines, and ice wines!  The ice wines were surprisingly delicious – I had had them before, but always found them too cloying in the past.  Part of the gang in our “private” room at Pillatteri:


Since we were in the “tasting” mood – we also stopped at  Tim Horton’s to give everyone the full Canadian experience.  And we did a Timbits tasting!  My absolute favorites are chocolate and sour cream timbits – and usually we just get those two flavors.  But we added Dutchies and Honey Crullers to the tasting menu.

DSC_0260 DSC_0262

We finished the day off by stopping at a brewery for a tasting (Oast) – Noel, Carlos, and Eileen managed to sneak in two breweries.

Another wonderful evening, a morning recovery run, and a final breakfast with the whole gang:


The evidence of our weekend:DSC_0330

Once again, as always, with my Peacock friends – it was an amazing weekend.  One that really makes you relish life!

(photos courtesy of Beth)

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