Broadkill Beach Club!


Our friends Beth and Noel invited us to their beach house in Delaware (near Rehoboth Beach) and we finally decided to take them up on their offer!

We headed down on a Thursday night for a long weekend.  Friday morning – we decided to go stand-by and see if we could squeeze into a tour at Dogfish Head Brewery.  We arrived super early – so we had some time to wander around –


Draw on their chalkboard…

IMG_1048 IMG_1050

And take random pictures of the beer list:IMG_1051 IMG_1052

The tour itself was really informative and interesting.  I’ve been on a brewery tour before – but this was still fun and totally worth it.  They talked about the founding of Dogfish Head, the brewing process (including the patented continual hopping method), and the growth that the brewery is seeing right now.  The set of tanks in the brewing room:


A crazy number of pipes that take the liquid after the hopping process into vats where the yeast goes to work.


Finally – packaging – they were boxing up Punkin’ Ale – seems crazy that they would do it so early in the year, but apparently that is the timing they have to follow to get it in the stores by mid-September.IMG_1057

The rest of the weekend was filled with eating, hanging out, and running.  We ate at two phenomenal restaurants.  The first was a tiny non-descript place called Po Boys – really delicious creole food – this was located either in or near Milton, DE.  The second was a Mexican (sort of fusion-y) restaurant in Lewes, DE called Agave.  We had a short wait even in the middle of the afternoon – but we productively spent that time at the bar 🙂

The food here was truly delectable – I had a shrimp dish with mango salsa.  We also tried their jalapeno cornbread – delicious!IMG_1061

Finally – there was some running.  Beth, Noel, Derek and I all entered the local Seashore Striders race on Saturday – it was the Beach Paper Firecracker 5k!  The day dawned humid (but luckily overcast) – but the warm-up indicated that it might be a tough slog.  It was a relatively small gathering (around 200) and it seemed like just about everyone knew everyone else.  The course was very pretty – beautiful houses, shaded roads, and a bit of the ocean to boot.  My goal was to finally run a 5k in 7:30 splits.  It was tough and I always manage a truly impressive look of death by the finish line – but I did it!  23:11 for the 5k (I think that’s like 7:28s).  Knock another goal off of my 50 by 50 list!  A good PR for me (my last PR was 23:59).  Derek also had a huge PR – 20:27 – wow!  That was like a minute fifteen better than his previous PR.  Beth also had a breakthrough run – she matched her previous PR (on a tough humid day) and found a new level of toughness!  Noel was just getting started back into running – so no PR, but a good fight from him too.

Both Derek and I were lucky enough to win age group awards!  He got second in his age group – and I thought I had as well.  But when they announced the age group winners – it turned out I had won my age group!  I think it’s because the fastest person in my age group won the overall master’s.  No matter – it worked out great for me – as they gave me a cool trophy and then said that I was the lucky winner of a $75 gift certificate from a local running store!  I guess every week they randomly select one of the age groups – and the male and female winners of that age group get these gift certificates.  Amazing!  Really capped off a great run for me.

Because just a 5k is not enough – the next day (Sunday), I still needed to get my long run in.  Beth, Derek and I all headed out on what was an incredibly humid, grueling day for various distance runs.  I did manage to complete my 16 miles – but not after I had sweated out my entire body weight in water and been attacked by a frenzy of bugs.  Everything was drenched on me – I am sure I could have wrung out my skirt it was so wet.

All in all – a great weekend!  And yes – the Chippies and even Dumbo joined us for the weekend – can’t have a race without a pep talk from the Chippies!  They ooh’ed and aah’ed about the trophy:


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