Norwalk 7 miler


Another weekend – another race!  No – it’s not quite that many.  My marathon training plan has a series of tune-up races – pretty much every four weeks – of increasing distances.  This week’s was supposed to be a 10k.  It turns out – there aren’t that many 10k’s around, so I found a 7-mile race in Norwalk, CT that would do the trick.

It’s a part of a summer racing series – small, local races – and super cheap $8 for registration!  Can’t beat that!

The day dawned cloudy – and on our drive down to Norwalk, we drove through a heavy downpour.  Uh oh.  But by the time we got there, it was just a light drizzle – definitely bearable.  And by the time the race went off – it was barely raining at all.

A small gathering – probably like 150-160 people.  Very casual start.


And of course – this is where it would help to actually run the same races from year to year so that we know the course.  We had no idea what to expect.  This course was a lollipop – out and then a double loop and then back.  However – the double loop was a steep downhill, then towards the beach, then a steep uphill.  Twice!  And the second time through the loop – you do the steep uphill and then turn right towards home – with a gradual uphill the rest of the way.  So suffice to say, my mile 6 split was rather slow.

I went out a little too hard and paid for it towards the end.  But I had a respectable time – not quite what I had hoped for, but within range.  And – we both won age group awards again!  I actually got first in my age group (fourth woman across the line!) and Derek took third in his.  He finished ninth overall!



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