We have been fortunate enough to have been invited out to Nantucket by our good friend Sarah.  Her family has a cute beach cottage there in Madaket.  We were only able to go out for a quick weekend – but it was still well worth it!

We drove to Hyannis to pick up the Hyline Ferry over to Nantucket.  Since we could only catch the “slow” ferry – we decided to upgrade our tickets to “first class.”  For the $7 or so it cost each of us – it was well worth it.  We sat in a nice lounge type area – with sofas, tables, and a bar – nice views, not crowded – perfect.

IMG_1095 IMG_1096

Most of enjoying Nantucket is just relaxing – soaking in the ocean air, eating fish and corn on the cob, enjoying a drink or two.  But we did do a few other things.  One – because marathon training doesn’t wait for fun trips – I had to get my 18-miler out of the way.  Either the heat, humidity, dehydration, or slightly rolling-ness of the path did me in – that was the most brutal 18 miles I’ve ever run.  But once finished, I felt a huge load lifted off my mind and I was giddy like a school girl.

We ate an amazing lunch at Madaket Millie’s – Derek and I both had a lobster salad – so scrumptious with piles of lobster meat.  Then we headed to Cisco Brewery!  We drank beer and cider, and also enjoyed some of the gin drinks from the Triple 8 distillery there.



Yup – that’s my friend Greg with the hot dog girl.

It just so happened that the weekend we were there, was the weekend of the Nantucket Triathlon.  Somewhat nostalgic – as the first time we came out to Nantucket was the first time they ran the Nantucket Triathlon and we ended up, spontaneously manning a water stop for the bikers (which in concept is sort of silly, as bicyclists can’t really grab cups of water).  This year is the fifth year of the triathlon, I believe – and they’ve expanded.  On Saturday – they held a sprint distance triathlon – the traditional Nantucket tri.  Then they added an Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday.  Since we were running during much of the sprint tri on Saturday, I very much wanted to go out and spectate the Olympic tri on Sunday.

So, Derek and I got up and walked the block over to Madaket Road to watch the turnaround point for the cycling leg.  To make the distance work – they made the course a double loop – so we could see everyone come by twice.

IMG_1119 IMG_1113

It’s always inspiring to watch events like this – even more so because the top female was in  like 4th or 5th place overall!

Other than that – we just enjoyed the charm of Nantucket.

IMG_1110 IMG_1105

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