Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

I can not say enough great words about this recipe book.

When I decided to get a new home ice cream maker last fall, I asked my chef friend Emilia if she had any recommendations for ice cream recipe books.  She immediately said – Jeni’s.  Since then – it’s been true love 🙂

The book itself is a joy to read – without even making the ice creams.  She offers a great introduction all about her business and the art of ice cream making.  And then the recipes! She arranges them by season and they are mouth-watering to flip through.  At first, the recipes seem a little intimidating – as they involve cooking the milk/cream mixtures, sometimes making add-ins, etc.  But they really aren’t hard to make at all.

We’ve already made many of them, and, perhaps the best thing, is that the enticing recipes and our success-to-date makes me super eager to try out more.  Our record to date:

  • Banana ice cream with caramelized white chocolate freckles – A complete winner, truly incredible
  • The milkiest milk chocolate – intense and fudgy
  • Queen City Cayenne chocolate – I really liked this and the kick of pepper at the end
  • Ohio State Buckeye – another winner
  • Roasted strawberry – this was good, but a little buttermilk-y for me; although it kept growing on us as we ate more of it
  • Roasted pistachio – yum, yum, and yum
  • Backyard mint – definitely tasted fresh, but for us – it turned out a bit grassy – we’re not sure if we use a different type of mint if that would be different; still tasty and we’re inclined to try it again to see if we can make it better
  • Baked rhubarb frozen yogurt – a nice tart flavor

And our most recent – and a huge favorite – sweet corn ice cream with raspberry



The other amazing thing about these recipes – is that the texture and consistency comes out perfectly.  We definitely look like pros with these ice creams!

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