Catching up

Well – I had intended to post regularly throughout August and into September, as I knew that I had lots of fun things coming up that would make interesting posts.  But…well – time got away from me.  I guess all that time spent traveling and having fun meant no time for blogging.

Oh well – the quick recap (with more to follow) – several weekends of racing and fun – first in Baltimore, then a party with friends in Pennsylvania; then sadly, my grandfather passed away so we had a unplanned trip to LA for the funeral; then a wonderful Labor Day weekend trip out in California at Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare; and finally – the culmination – my goal marathon:  Lehigh Valley Via Marathon on September 8th.

Sadly – that did not end as planned.  I was feeling pretty good and on pace to qualify (even better than qualify, I was on pace to my target which was about 5 min better than qualifying), but I fell at mile 19.6.  I was injured enough that this took me out of the race and headed toward the closest ER.  More on this whole experience later – but suffice to say, it was heartbreaking in the moment.  I have been recovering well and am starting to regain my ambition.

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