Charles St 12


My marathon training plan had several “tune-up” races embedded within it.  A month before the marathon was the half marathon tune-up.  Now – it turns out, it’s pretty hard to find a half marathon in August anywhere close.  But I found a cool new race called the Charles St 12 (12 miler) in Baltimore; and since my good friend Beth lives in Baltimore – to Baltimore I would go!

It became a fuller team racing weekend as Roz (another Peacock) came up from Alabama for the weekend, Derek ran the race as well, and Beth’s friend Elizabeth joined in all the fun.

The weekend was Roz’s birthday – so Beth (who is an amazing baker) baked her a cake – a pink lemonade gluten-free cake!


The race was on Saturday morning – so it was virtually the first thing we did that weekend. The morning dawned humid and warm – and the course ended up being remarkably hilly (despite the tag-line “net descent” which was true, but masked a whole bunch of uphill).  I had a tough race – reminiscent of Wildwood last year, although better than that.  I didn’t handle the humidity that well and ended up really paying for it in the last two miles – had to walk just a bit in that last mile.  Ah well – it was frustrating and certainly discouraging for my upcoming marathon, but I did focus on lessons learned – I think I didn’t hydrate (with electrolytes) sufficiently the day(s) before to handle the humidity.

We had an amazing brunch and then headed out to Fort McHenry – the inspiration for the national anthem!  Our tour guide was wonderful – knowledgeable, engaging – all you could ask for.


We capped the evening off by going crab picking for dinner!  When in Maryland, do as Marylanders do!

IMG_1179 IMG_1182 IMG_1184

With a beautiful sunset – we headed to Fells Point for some tasty gelato at Pitango GelatoIMG_1188 IMG_1190

and a personal ghost tour by Noel (Beth’s husband).  Very cool.

The next morning, we did an easy run then had bacon pancakes for breakfast (breakfast of Peacock champions!)  Then we headed out to Black Ankle to go wine tasting – hey, what’s a Peacock gathering without some kind of drinking?IMG_1197


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend spent with great friends.

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