Valley Forge and LA part 1


The weekend after Charles St, we headed to our good friends’ Michael and Paul’s house for their annual summer party.  Because we live a bit further away, we get invited for a full weekend, which is always a wonderful time with good friends.  Of course – marathon training doesn’t stop for party weekends, so I had a 22 mile run planned for Sunday.  We had run from their house before and found their area to be really hilly.  So – for 22 – I decided that hilly wasn’t the ticket.

Derek and I drove over to nearby Valley Forge to run there.  Well – the running loop there was full of runners, but it was very hilly too – way too hilly to do all 22.  After finishing the 5 mile loop, I headed out to the Schuylkill River trail – ahhh, much better.  The trail went from there all the way into Philadelphia – so plenty of distance.  It ended up being a beautiful run and I finished the 22 strong!

That very next week (Monday in fact) we had to fly out to LA.  My grandfather had passed away when we were in Baltimore, and his funeral was on Tuesday.  So we arranged a last minute trip and headed out there.  We managed to squeeze in our runs while there – once at the Rose Bowl and once on a treadmill.

We spent the day of the funeral with family – just a small group of us.  My grandmother and my great aunt were there:


and my two aunts, and two of my cousins also joined.  The service was just family and we just shared memories and words about my grandfather.  Then we drove out to the burial site – and he has a wonderful resting spot with a great view of the valley:IMG_1214


Not a happy reason for a trip, but it was nice to see family again and I was grateful to have been able to be there – to represent my mother’s family (my mother passed away in 2004 and my sister wasn’t able to be there).

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