Dumbo Double Dare – Thursday

So – back in January (or maybe even earlier), runDisney announced a new race for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend – they were adding a 10k on Saturday (themed to Alice in Wonderland) and a special challenge called the Dumbo Double Dare which would include both the 10k and the half marathon on Sunday.  I can’t say I’ve been a lifelong Dumbo fan – but for some reason, this combination of races and the name really called to me.  We signed up and our friends Beth and Noel signed up and another fantastic weekend was planned!

We all arrived Thursday – Beth and Noel had a better flight plan and arrived mid-day.  We had a very long layover, so we didn’t arrive until Thursday around 6pm.  But with the super-efficiency of flying into John Wayne Airport – we were at the resort by like 6:25 and at Downtown Disney around 6:45pm.  We were bushed, but we couldn’t just arrive and go to sleep!  We all agreed to have a drink at the UVA bar.

The expo didn’t open until Friday morning and we were eager to get there – Derek and I had our park tickets waiting for us there, Beth was interested in seeing what Dooney bags they might have, and we just generally wanted our race stuff.  So, while we were sitting and having a drink – Beth all of a sudden says – “Is the expo already open?  How did that guy get his stuff already?”  It turns out – “that guy” was Sean Astin – which Noel refused to believe.  But it was indeed Sean Astin and Derek and I got a fun photo with him.


We had also been talking about Joey Fatone – because the ‘N Sync revival at the VMA Awards was playing on the TV loop in the cab that Derek and I took.  And lo and behold – Joey Fatone arrives to hang out with Sean!  Now – I am not normally a big celebrity stalker – but I certainly acted like one this night!


It was a great start to a great weekend.

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