The first week

The first week, I felt strong, calm, almost at peace with it all.  In retrospect – I think there was so much to focus on with healing and getting back to normal life, that I just rode that wave.  I felt tough.  My husband left that first day for a week-long business trip and I had 4 big client meetings that week.

Now – I don’t do anything for a living that requires me to be there no matter the circumstances.  So one could say – maybe I could have taken time off and missed the client meetings.  But I felt like I could handle it, these meetings had been scheduled for some time, I didn’t want to let my clients down, and no one at my firm really had the information or knowledge to take over from me in most of those meetings.  So early Tuesday morning, I took the train into NYC for a four-hour client meeting.

Then Wednesday – I was supposed to do a recruiting event in NYC at night and then take the train to Philadelphia to for a client meeting on Thursday morning.  I was dreading this, it felt exhausting and overwhelming to me.  Thankfully, one of my partners took over the recruiting event – teaches me that asking for help is a good thing!  And I took an earlier train into Philadelphia so that I could rest more.

Then the plan was to do a 2 hour client meeting in Philadelphia on Thursday, hop a train to NYC for a 3 hour evening meeting in NYC, then hop a train back to Philadelphia for a meeting on Friday.  The meetings in Philadelphia were with the same client – and when they saw me on Thursday – they strongly encouraged me to take the meeting on Friday from home (on the phone).  And my partner was able to do the presentation that day – which was another wonderful reprieve.

So I got some help and also toughed out the week.  My meetings went well and I just felt tough and strong.  And a bit tired.  I was amazed at how well my face was healing – scabs were just falling off.  I was really impressed by how well the body heals.

Derek finally arrived home on Thursday night and I made it to the weekend!

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