Week three – I am back!

At the beginning of week three, I was a bit panicked.  Emotionally, I really needed to believe that I could redeem myself in December, that I could make good on my goal, that I could capitalize on all that work that I did in the summer.  But not being able to run that Monday certainly made the prospects look bad.

I worked my calves hard that night – ice, heat, self-massage, compression.  And I went out on Tuesday to try again – I could run, I felt my calves the entire time – but I managed a run – something like 4 miles easy.  My thought was to do about 2/3 to ¾ of the mileage of that week’s plan (in the normal marathon training plan) but all at base pace.  And I more or less did – but my calves were dicey the whole week.  I had AJ, my ART doc, look at things – and he did help them and he didn’t seem worried.  So I kept going.

This was also the week that we were moving Derek out to Albuquerque.  We had three long days of driving, and I wasn’t certain that I could get runs in while on the road.  But – since I couldn’t run that Monday, I needed to run each day of the drive.  And I did – I was determined.  Two of them were just short 3 mile recovery pace runs – but it was still a challenge. And my calves were kind of getting better, but not fully.

The Sunday we were in Albuquerque (before I flew home) – I had a 12 miler planned (the normal run would have been 16).  And we did it – we ran on the Bosque, Derek ran with me – and I finished 12 miles, at base pace.  I even sped up in the last three miles – I felt good.  Last mile was close to marathon pace.

I thought I was back.  I had emailed Matt Fitzgerald about the possibility of coming back and running a marathon in early December.  And he said – build up slowly and then do a challenging test long run at the end of two weeks.  Depending on how that went – make a call.  That two week period would end in week 4 – so I had a big week coming up.

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