Things have been steadily improving with my running – it’s so hard for me to be unabashedly optimistic given the uncertainty of life, but let’s say that I’m increasingly hopeful and positive.

My goal has been to slowly build my mileage up, just doing base pace miles.  I’m not explicitly following the 10% rule, because frankly – you could never build mileage up if you followed that rule to the letter from the beginning.  But I am being somewhat conservative.  Last week I ran 18 miles over 4 runs.  This week 23 miles.  I am very excited about the 23 – it felt like a bit of a stretch.  I completed it with 8 miles today – my longest run in awhile.

Next week’s goal – 25-27.  I’d like to break 30 -but I think I will do that with 5 runs/week and I can only get in 4 this week. I’m doing a bit of boot camp with my friend Sarah – and that’s on the docket for Monday and Wednesday.  Thursday is a long drive to Arlington, VA to see my sister and her family for Thanksgiving – so unless I get supermotivated and run after Thanksgiving dinner (yeah, not going to happen) or run after bootcamp (slightly more likely), it’s 4 runs this week.

But my legs and my running are starting to feel pretty normal – and that is great.  Just a slight lingering shin splint-y type issue on my right – but hopefully that is minor and going away.  No races planned or in sight – but just steady running.

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