Moving to Albuquerque

Finally – the time has come for me to join Derek in Albuquerque.  These last few months of living separated across the country from each other were tough and lonely.  I have been looking forward to joining him and sharing the new adventure. Derek flew out to New Haven to help me load the car.  Before we left – we said a fond farewell to New Haven:  dinner at our local pub, Delaney’s  Tap Room, with Sarah; ice cream from Ashley’s (yum – I chose bittersweet chocolate); and New Haven pizza at Sarah’s on Saturday night (we ordered from Dayton Street – the close by pizza place that is very good).


Derek and I spent Saturday packing my stuff and loading the car, and then early on Sunday we were off to Buffalo!  Originally, we had wanted to drive to Albuquerque directly, unload everything, and then fly back to Buffalo to visit Derek’s parents in Welland, Ontario for the holidays.  But the airfare was outrageous.  So we decided that we would drive to Welland first, spend the holidays with his parents, and then drive from there to Albquerque.  It added an extra day of driving and the complexity of dealing with a full car and a border crossing – but saved us a heck of a lot of money.

Of course – I couldn’t move across country without my best buds – and they had a primo seat for the trip:


Because we were concerned about crossing the border with a carload of stuff (and then crossing back into the states), we decided it was better to rent a small storage space in Buffalo, unload the car there, cross the border, and then do that all in reverse when we headed out to Albuquerque.  It added probably an hour to an hour and a half to each drive – but eliminated the headache and concern of the border.

The time with Derek’s parents flew by – they had lots of guests over, and we kept busy between those visits with running, helping a little with preparations, watching some movies (Sound of Music!), and doing some research for Sochi.

Then the big drive – which I will summarize in a short fashion:  long, long, and long.

Upon arrival – we unloaded the car, got a quick bite to eat (Flying Star Cafe), started assembling the bed, and then crashed.  Derek didn’t have any real furniture here before this, but we had ordered a bunch of stuff from Ikea (inexpensive, decent-looking) and it had arrived while we were away (the delivery is a whole other story).  This is what the apartment looked like after unloading the car:

IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1590

And this is how far we got the bed on Saturday night:IMG_1591

After joining the Albuquerque Road Runners for a run on Sunday morning, we got down to assembling furniture.  Jaguar was trying to help:IMG_1592

And we made great progress – here’s what the apartment looked like by the end of Sunday:


We had finished the bed, built my desk, put together my desk chair, and built the sofa, a poang chair, and one dresser.  Whew!  This resulted in a lot of cardboard:IMG_1594

A full day.  And we both had to work on Monday – so no time to unpack further that day.  We finally got everything unpacked on Tuesday.  Jaguar has made himself at home – and likes to rest on everything:  my pillow, my side of the bed, the new sofa, etc.


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