Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe is a local chain – they bill themselves as a local chain of cafes with a wide selection of comfort food and desserts.  The location we’ve been to is on Paseo del Norte.  In our few visits – we have already grown to love this place.  The menu is extensive with a wide array of tasty items and, so far, everything we’ve tasted has been delicious and fresh.  The restaurant exudes friendliness and a real community feel – it’s always been buzzing whenever we’ve been with lots of tables of happy, chatting groups.

The menu includes all-day breakfast, sandwiches and burgers, entrees, and salads.  It’s a lot to absorb all at once – but little by little, we are getting more familiar with it and learning our way around the menu.  We’ve been three times so far (once on an earlier trip) and have tried the green chile stew, the buddha bowl, and several entrees.  Each has been really tasty, filling, and good quality.

The food is great; the staff friendly and happy; the place feels warm, inviting and abuzz – what’s not to love?

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