Streetfood Asia

Derek had received a LivingSocial deal at Streetfood Asia – so we figured we would go and check it out.  Streetfood Asia is located in Nob Hill, a trendy area of downtown.  It is a popular restaurant and serves, well, street food from Asia!  Dumplings, buns, rice and noodle dishes, tofu, etc. often done in different styles – styles that reflect six different countries:  China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.  As you can see – the night we went, it was bustling:


Good thing we had reservations!  Our waitress was very nice and patient, as the menu is pretty overwhelming for the first-timer – so we took our time picking out our options.  First – drinks.  They don’t have a full liquor license, so they serve sake, sake-drinks, and mixed drinks made with alcohol that is based on wine (like a vodka that is wine-based?).  Derek decided to try a sake flight.  I steered away from it, as my previous tastes of sake weren’t all that pleasant.

IMG_1632 IMG_1633

He chose the Light and Smooth flight – I tasted the first one, and I have to say – it was really nice, smooth and tasty – tasted closer to  wine than what I expected.

Our waitress warned us that the portions here are large and suggested 2 appetizers and a main would work for 2 people.  So – we started with green beans – we think it was Saigon style – it was simple, salt, pepper, cilantro – but oh so delicious


Our other appetizer was a stuffed tofu dish – stuffed with mango and pineapple.  Very interesting – hard to eat “stuffed” – I ended up eating it piece by piece – but I enjoyed the flavor.


Ok – main dishes.  We wanted to take our waitress’ advice, but Derek loves spicy hot foods – at a much higher heat level than I can handle.  And I didn’t want him to have to curtail his tastes for me.  So we were thinking of doing two mains – and just taking home leftovers – but the appetizers were so large already, I thought I would barely even eat a quarter of a dish!  Derek ended up ordering a main – a malay noodle dish and I ordered some chinese steamed pork buns (char siu bao – a childhood favorite).

IMG_1637 IMG_1638

The buns were good – they didn’t quite live up to my childhood favorites, but perhaps nothing is as good as what you remember from childhood!

After dinner, we walked across and down the street to a little shop called “The Chocolate Dude.”  We asked the gentleman behind the counter if he was, in fact, the Chocolate dude – but, sadly, he wasn’t.  He said that he is a partner of the dude and that the dude comes in early in the morning to make the chocolates.  They handmake their chocolates on premise.  They gave us a free taste of their chupacabra – a mix of peanut butter and white chocolate with some crispies in it – heaven!  We each bought a “lobos” – kind of like a turtle, it’s a combination of chocolate, nuts, and caramel (also homemade on premises).  Derek tried dark chocolate with pistachios and I tried milk chocolate with cashews.  Derek’s was the clear winner – the caramel had so much sweetness, that you definitely didn’t need a sweet chocolate and the pistachios added a nice salt kick (I didn’t even notice the cashews in mine).  All in all – a great evening.

Lest you think all we do out here is eat – we have been running a lot with our new running club (ABQ Roadrunners).  And this weekend – we did a small tour of running shops – stopping at ABQ Running Shop and Heart & Sole.  At Heart & Sole – I found this gem of a running singlet to celebrate my new statehood:


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