The Elephant Bar

Well, we probably shouldn’t have, but we ended up going out to eat Saturday night – too pooped from all the running to make dinner.  We have been eating out a lot since moving here – but I think that’s partly because we’re still checking out the place.  We decided to go to the Elephant Bar – Derek has been here before, but it was new to me!  I guess it is a bit of a chain – with locations in California and Florida – but just this one in New Mexico.  The Elephant Bar is located in ABQ Uptown – a somewhat upscale, outdoors mall.  We called ahead – which was great – because when we arrived – the place was hopping and we probably would have had a much longer wait.

The decor and feel of the place – it was nice, but something about it read “chain” to me.  It had a very P.F. Chang-type feel to it.  The menu is pretty expansive – apparently they have two “specialties” – the wood-fired grill entrees and the wok-fried entrees.

But first – of course, we started with a drink.  Derek had a beer – and I chose this beauty – Snapdragon martini.  It was actually on their “skinny” drinks menu – all less than 165 calories.  It was tasty – not too sweet.


For dinner – I had the Mongolian Beef – I was sort of craving red meat (I rarely eat it) and thinking that maybe the red meat would help my red blood cell production :).  It was served on some vegetables and you could choose white, brown, or fried rice (I went with brown).  The dish itself was tasty – the sauce had the sweetness you expect with mongolian beef, although the flavor was a little overpowering – probably could have been a touch less “saucy.”  The beef itself was a little overdone – I would have liked the beef to be a bit more tender.  I enjoyed the meal, but it didn’t “wow” me.


Derek had the five-spice shrimp and chicken dish.  You could definitely taste the chinese five-spice powder – it’s a nice flavor, but I liked my mongolian beef better.IMG_1680

Honestly – we weren’t planning on having dessert – but I almost always have to look at the menu (yeah, not the best habit as it probably leads to me getting more dessert than I ought to).  And they had mud pie on the menu – we used to love mud pies from The Chart House – it was all kona coffee ice cream on a cookie crust with some fudge sauce.  This one was very similar and clearly big enough for two.


Not a bad chain restaurant – definitely on the higher end.

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