In about a week and a half, I will be flying to Sochi, Russia.  I am lucky enough to have been signed up for a role helping NBC with their curling broadcast during the Olympics.  Very exciting (although with all of the bombings and terrorist news, certainly a bit worrisome too).  My official title is “curling researcher” and I believe I’ll be based at the International Broadcast Center.  My contact explained that even though my primary responsibility is to curling, that I should expect to support any sport (I think we’re in a bit of a research pool).

What will I be doing?  I’m not 100% sure.  I think part of it is accessing the vast Olympic database to answer questions for broadcasters and maybe doing google searches, etc.  I’ll be flying over on the NBC charter, and my understanding is that I’ll get a cell phone supplied by NBC and that I’ll bet told to contact my supervisor once I arrive.  So – it will all be an interesting adventure.

I received my NBC badge and my uncertified cedentials in the mail this week, so it made it very real.  Earlier – I received my “crew gift.”  NBC provides some sweet swag to the people working for the broadcast (I’m pretty sure that the “talent” those folks that appear on screen get even more and better swag).  But I’m pretty happy with mine:


I’ll report more on the experience after I’ve experienced it!  I certainly hope nothing bad happens – I had a Sochi stress dream last night about some kind of violent attack that I had to hide from with others.

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