The end of the Sochi Olympics

Derek was gone less than 12 hours after the gold medal match finished.  I don’t really know why they were in such a hurry to get him out of here – but the game ended at like 8:30pm on Friday night and he was picked up at the hotel at 3:30am for a 5:30am flight on Saturday.  I stayed through Monday.  The remaining days were very mellow – just six-hour shifts, and even then, Mark wasn’t super strict about needing me there. Continue reading


Men’s Curling Playoffs

The matches didn’t go the way I ideally wanted – I was really rooting for China to win a medal.  I like Edin’s team from Sweden (who defeated China for the bronze) – but I just thought China played so amazingly well all week, played with such class and balance, and I just got pulled into rooting for them.  Plus – I loved David Murdoch’s story – so even though he and the Great Britain team were clearly underdogs in the gold medal match – I really wanted them to win.  Sadly – both games went the other way; and, even more sadly, each team kind of defeated themselves. Continue reading

Women’s curling playoffs

Great Britain v Switzerland for the bronze medal (Eve Muirhead and Mirjam Ott in this picture):

IMG_0622 IMG_0630

A shot of jubilation:


Jennifer Jones making her gold medal winning shot:IMG_0652

And exulting afterwards:


The photographer scrum for the flower ceremony (I just thought this was funny):IMG_0667 IMG_0670

Yes – apparently Elvis roots for Canada:IMG_0681

Derek’s assigned desk:


The flower ceremony:

IMG_0694 IMG_0705

Fun around the Olympics

Derek took a walk about (I think on my birthday) and went to the Bosco Olympic superstore.  This store was barely built in time for the Opening Ceremony – but then had really long lines throughout the Olympics.  The outside of it was super-shiny – here, you can see the reflection of the Iceberg (skating venue) in the side of the superstore:

IMG_0393 Continue reading

Round-robin play

Once we got the confusion straightened out – everything ran really smoothly.  My job kept me busy, but not overwhelmed.  I was there for the morning and afternoon draws, and left right as the evening draw was starting.  I enjoyed it – I really thrive in these kinds of environments – intense, focused efforts with a lot of energy.  One thing that was a little hard was that I often felt like my stuff was being sent into a black hole.   Everyone gets so busy – it’s not like they’ll say thank you all the time (or even send any reply) and you don’t often know if your stuff is being used or not (sometimes I’ll hear it in the broadcast feed, but as the curling was done both here in Sochi and in Stamford – I never heard what Stamford did because I couldn’t hear their broadcast feed).  I didn’t expect thank-yous or responses – but it did make it weird to be working in a backroom, sending a bunch of stuff out, and not really knowing whether it’s useful.  My best feedback was that people kept asking me to add others to my email lists and that no one asked to be taken off. Continue reading

The start of competition

The first weekend of the Olympics was still a prep weekend for us – as curling action doesn’t start until Monday.  I helped Derek orient himself – to the IBC, to the walk over to the IBC through Olympic Park, etc.  I was kept busy getting some stuff ready for the games.  But by Monday – when the games had started – I felt like I was drowning.  Somehow I had gotten myself into preparing pre-game prep sheets for each game that the team was broadcasting.  Well – I got Monday’s done (5) – but then on Monday, I had to watch the games; write summaries, gather interesting articles, quotes, and tweets; and prepare the Daily Olympian entry.  So – trying to do the pre-game preps was killing me.  I consider myself a highly efficient person – and I was drowning. Continue reading

Opening Ceremonies – some favorite moments


The mascots bowing to us:



A story of the birth of Russia that has something to do with being birthed from the belly of a whale?

IMG_0219 IMG_0224 IMG_0231 IMG_0239

A very cool scene with the ship and water projected on the floor, and the dancers moving along with the ship across the floor:


The ballet:


Dove of peace:


The entrance of the Olympic flag:


Psychedelic glowing rollerbladers:IMG_0285

The torch with Tretiak:


The lit cauldron right after the Opening Ceremony:IMG_0299