The start of competition

The first weekend of the Olympics was still a prep weekend for us – as curling action doesn’t start until Monday.  I helped Derek orient himself – to the IBC, to the walk over to the IBC through Olympic Park, etc.  I was kept busy getting some stuff ready for the games.  But by Monday – when the games had started – I felt like I was drowning.  Somehow I had gotten myself into preparing pre-game prep sheets for each game that the team was broadcasting.  Well – I got Monday’s done (5) – but then on Monday, I had to watch the games; write summaries, gather interesting articles, quotes, and tweets; and prepare the Daily Olympian entry.  So – trying to do the pre-game preps was killing me.  I consider myself a highly efficient person – and I was drowning.

I have a “mirror” in the research room – but really only a partial one.  For most sports – there are “mirrors” – two people assigned to the same list of sports.  This is so when we do our shifts, someone is always in the room who can answer questions on the sport.  In the summer Olympics, I’ve been told that the mirror shifts are perfect opposites – so it’s really a tagging in and out.  Here – we had staggered shifts with varying degrees of overlap.  My mirror was also assigned to hockey- so he had his hands full.  That made it really difficult for him to do much for curling when I was gone (as he had to cover both sports and both had games on at night).

This led me to a mini-breakdown as I was unsure how all the game preps would get done, how the Daily Olympian entry would get done (he would have to finish it, but I needed to leave it as done as possible and with clear instructions for how to finish it up), how we would track the games (Derek was having me track end-by-end player shooting percentages).  So the head of the research room came over to help us sort it out – and he helped me to understand that I had somehow started taking over the statistician’s roles which is why I was drowning.  Pre-game prep sheets are not part of my role, the statisticians are responsible for prepping their on-air folks for games.  And tracking stats was also not a part of what I should be doing.  I was a little upset with Derek and I felt like I got trapped in that rabbit hole in large part because of him – and that he kept asking for more and more stuff, not realizing how hard he was making me work, and how miserable the weekend had been since he had arrived (because my nose was just to the grindstone for 12-hours straight trying to get all of the work done that he had assigned to me).

Was my anger fair?  Probably some and some not.  I was tired and exhausted – so that undoubtedly led me to be less rational than usual.  But – I had kept telling him how I wasn’t having fun, how I was working so hard  – and he just kept asking for more.  So I was upset with him.

Well – no need to relive those dark days.  We got it resolved on Monday and after that- things went much more smoothly.

Derek and I did have some fun – even during these “dark days.”  Here he is at the venue (at his station):


And a couple of pics from our morning walks through Olympic Park:

IMG_0321 IMG_0325

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