Fun around the Olympics

Derek took a walk about (I think on my birthday) and went to the Bosco Olympic superstore.  This store was barely built in time for the Opening Ceremony – but then had really long lines throughout the Olympics.  The outside of it was super-shiny – here, you can see the reflection of the Iceberg (skating venue) in the side of the superstore:


Derek in line:


Inside the superstore (I never got inside of the store -so this is my only look!):IMG_0397

I pointed out to Derek that all of the curling teams were wearing red – which made it kind of visually boring.  He hadn’t noticed – but then took these two pics the next day:

IMG_0509 IMG_0510

A little curling action:


Hockey!  Russia vs Norway.  Here I am in the hallway with my favorite mascot:IMG_0535

In the arena:


Our best shot of Ovechkin (and then the cheerleaders they had in the arena):

IMG_0552 IMG_0555

And a cool goalie shot:


Some short track speedskating:

IMG_0472 IMG_0492

Finally – the Bolshoy arena was always lit up – often it had just decorative patterns.  But when a game was going on inside of the arena – the outside would display the flags of the countries competing and the score for everyone outside to see.  Derek says that when a goal was scored – GOAL would be flashed on the outside (I never saw this myself).  Very cool


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