Men’s Curling Playoffs

The matches didn’t go the way I ideally wanted – I was really rooting for China to win a medal.  I like Edin’s team from Sweden (who defeated China for the bronze) – but I just thought China played so amazingly well all week, played with such class and balance, and I just got pulled into rooting for them.  Plus – I loved David Murdoch’s story – so even though he and the Great Britain team were clearly underdogs in the gold medal match – I really wanted them to win.  Sadly – both games went the other way; and, even more sadly, each team kind of defeated themselves.

The Swedish team and Niklas Edin (the skip) delivering in the bronze medal match:


The Chinese team and their skip Liu Rui delivering.  They really should have won the game, but they made such costly errors – two hogged rocks, when the entire men’s tournament only had three hogged rocks.


The pickle they got themselves into in the extra end – too bad they weren’t yellow!IMG_0721

Jubilant Swedes!


The Sochi-based NBC curling broadcast teamIMG_0729

Crazy Brit fans:


Canada’s gold-medal winning shot:


A chagrined David Murdoch (skip-Great Britain) – probably pondering an opportunity squandered:


Flower ceremony:

IMG_0759 IMG_0773

Lizzy Yarnold – skeleton gold medalist for Great Britain, in the Ice Cube to cheer the Great Britain men’s curling team on – to no avail:IMG_0777

Two volunteers checking out the view from the podium:


We shared some drinks with the full Sochi curling broadcast team.  And I got a lot of nice compliments for my work – which I really appreciated.  I would love to do this again – and not just for curling – I would learn whatever sport I needed to, and would love to do the summer Olympics in Rio.

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