The end of the Sochi Olympics

Derek was gone less than 12 hours after the gold medal match finished.  I don’t really know why they were in such a hurry to get him out of here – but the game ended at like 8:30pm on Friday night and he was picked up at the hotel at 3:30am for a 5:30am flight on Saturday.  I stayed through Monday.  The remaining days were very mellow – just six-hour shifts, and even then, Mark wasn’t super strict about needing me there.

IMG_0793      Saturday night – I got a ticket to the Figure Skating gala (woo hoo!).  To be honest, this isn’t something I normally watch on TV, because I feel like the skating isn’t that great.  But watching it in person was very cool – you got a different sense of the personalities of the skaters.  And some of the performances were beautiful:  Mao Asada, Yuna Kim, Patrick Chan, Yuzuru Hanyu, Meryl and Charlie, and so on.  Honestly – the only truly disappointing performance was Sotnikova’s (women’s gold medalist).  I guess she didn’t have anything prepared – because she didn’t really do much – she just sort of skated around and waved these flags/ribbons.  Then she tripped on them and did two jumps.  It was too bad – as I was looking forward to seeing her skate.


On Sunday – I just did a lot of walking around.  Tik had asked me to cover his 6pm-midnight shift so that he might have the chance to go to the closing ceremony.  No problem.  So before then – I wandered around the “boardwalk” on the Black Sea (but a lot of it was roped off, so I couldn’t go far); I walked around Olympic Park to the IBC (you couldn’t go through it because of the closing ceremony); then I headed over to Adler.  I wandered the market there – and I guess it was both good and bad that I had no rubles.  I saved myself some money – but I didn’t get to buy any fun items (either souvenir type things, or food type things).

IMG_0835 IMG_0838 IMG_0842

Then – back to the IBC.  Final meal at the commissary (I had Starbucks just to say goodbye).  Final hours in the research room.  We watched the closing ceremony on the TVs in the research room.  Then we all ran outside to see the fireworks.  At the end of the night – the OBS threw a huge party – free food, beer/wine, and dancing!  I didn’t stay out too late, but had a great time nonetheless.


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