The big day approaches

So – my big goal marathon is this Saturday (Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN).

And I’m nervous

and excited

and dreaming of pancakes and french fries and wine (generally things I’ve not let myself enjoy these last few weeks as I prepped for the race)

and I’m bubbling over with excitement, anticipation, etc.

and I’m nervous.

To some extent I dream of the finish line, the really delicious pancakes and bacon that I want to eat afterwards, and the tears of joy that I imagine will pour out of me if I meet my goal of qualifying for Boston.  But there is that jumpy, somewhat superstitious, part of me that says – none of that is guaranteed.  I dreamt of the food I would eat after my last marathon, but then after I fell and smashed my face – I couldn’t even enjoy eating – which was really sad.

I know, it’s a fluke, it’s not likely to happen again – but the fact that it did happen makes me cautious about counting on anything or dreaming about it too much – because I don’t want my hopes to be crushed.

But – enough of that – I’m really mostly excited.  And apprehensive, I mean, running 26.2 miles is generally a painful experience and I’ve always been nervous at the start about the pain I’m about to put myself through.

I’ve trained hard – over 800 miles – setting some new goals (biggest miles per week: 60; biggest miles per month:  263 in May) and training at altitude (ok, this was just lucky as we moved to Albuquerque).  My body is in about as good shape as one can ask after a marathon training cycle – I’ve had niggling doubts about my hip/piriformis – but nothing overtly hurts.  Right now – the weather forecast looks pretty good temperature wise – rain and wind are still uncertain – but again, you can’t ask for much better weather as it looks right now.  I’ve worked hard to bring my weight down to racing weight – it’s not where it was last year, but it’s not bad (damn that trip to Vegas).  And I’ve prepared myself as well as I can for the possibilities (delayed flight – had my bib mailed to me; rain – got wool socks, will have aquaphor to help prevent blisters, and some plastic bags).

At this point – it’s in the hands of fate to some extent.  I’ve given it everything I have – lots of long runs in the morning, lots of determination to do my runs while traveling (I am the queen of sandwiching a training schedule around a work and travel schedule).

So – I’m hopeful for a positive, triumphant outcome.  And pancakes, or donuts, or scones, or french fries…

My goals:

1) (Moral victory) Don’t end up in the hospital

2) (Consolation prize) Finish the marathon (upright)

3) (Bronze) Qualify for Boston (need 3:55 or better)

4) (Silver) PR (beat 3:49:53)

4) (Gold) Beat the qualifying time I needed last year (3:45 or better)

5) (Platinum) Ultimate, A goal, what I’ve been training for – finish in 3:40

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