What’s next

Ok – so it turns out, that when you don’t have to spend 1.5-2 hours running each day, that you end up having a lot of time on your hands!  Now – I’m sure there are a million things that I could do, but because the shift is so sudden (and temporary) – I have to say, I’ve felt a little lost this week :).

And reaching this long sought after goal has had several interesting effects on me:

  • The crazy demon effect:  yeah, pretty much once I accomplish something, it often doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment to me, because, well I did it – so how hard can it be?  Yup – trying to banish that one from my head and just enjoy
  • The overambitious effect:  wow – I did so well at this race – let’s set more ridiculous goals to go after!
  • The overzealous effect:  I want to run, even though every book and website article I read says you shouldn’t run during the first five days at least, and some extend that to two weeks.  But the truth is – my body feels great – the best it’s ever felt after a marathon.
  • The “it’s all about me” effect:  yeah – so where’s my ticker tape parade?  The cakes?  The balloons?  The festivities?  The big gifts of jewelry?  Surely everyone else’s lives must revolve around me so much that they would stop their lives just to tell me how great I am for days on end 🙂

Ok – by now you all think I am a total nutter.  And, well, there’s probably some truth to that.  I am really excited still, I have already tried to do some planning for Boston, and, yes, I’m already thinking about new goals.  I did hold back on running until yesterday morning (did a short, easy jog).  And I guess I need to take it easy next week.  My body feels pretty good – but I guess there could be some damage that I can’t feel.

Some thoughts on new goals (not fully committed yet):

  • I would love to be able to run 1:40 in a half marathon.  My PR is 1:44.  I have a great half marathon coming up over Labor Day – but it’s pretty soon.  And it turns out that 4 minutes is a bigger gap than I realized for a half.  So – looking at the time available and the paces I’d have to run – I would be totally psyched if I ran 1:42 at that half
  • I want to requalify for Boston and do it more than one year (ok – one crazy thought I had while running this morning was to set a goal of running in 10 Boston marathons – to equal the number of years I spent in Cambridge/Boston going to school).  I could potentially requalify for Boston at the WDW Marathon in January 2015 or maybe even at Boston 2015.  Neither race is a good race for a PR or even a great time – but since I have 17 minutes to my true qualification time (3:55) – I think it’s possible.  If not – we’ll see if my overzealousness holds and I aim for a late summer marathon.
  • And of course – I’d love to run a faster marathon.  I was 43rd in my age group at Duluth (man – that is a fast race) – but a whole bunch of folks were between 3:30 and my time (20th place was 3:29) – which makes me hungry.  With age against me – this one could be really tough.

That’s all my crazy head has concocted so far.

What ideas do you have?

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